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Post Construction Cleaning Services

Whatever commercial post construction cleaning services you need, we can provide you service. From corporate buildings, large and small offices, to medical facilities we are here to help.

We want to understand your specific needs and prepare your space for tenants, employees, and guest and to ultimately make sure you receive quality services that keep your facility open and running smoothly.


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At Platinum Facility Services, Inc. we pride ourselves on our superior post cleaning standards. With over 25 years of service, and over 600 customers served, we know that we can take away the stress and burden that surrounds our clients’ each and every day.

Platinum Facility Services has a large enough baseline to provide reliability to each of our valuable clients, and small enough to focus on the needs of each client. It is our commitment to you that we feel has kept customers coming back year after year.

After your Facility Management team has invested so much in your new building and / or project, your visitors, staff, and clients deserve to walk into a freshly-clean office space. Our professional commercial cleaning crews will make that a reality.

We use top-of-the-line equipment, products, and cleaning methods to make your business dust and odor-free. Our professionally skilled staff members will clean every inch of your business down to the last detail. From floor to ceiling, Platinum Facility Services will make sure your business looks immaculate.

Platinum Facility Services offers comprehensive services to help with any Post Construction cleanup your facility may need. Give us a call now and let us take the stress out of your workday!

Entries and Exits


Hard-surface floors


Light Fixtures




Much much more

Request a quote for our professional commercial cleaning services or call our 24-hour hotline for emergency services.