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Commercial Cleaning Services

At Platinum Facility Services, we can and will provide service to small to large office buildings, school and college campuses, hospitals, multiple tenant corporate buildings and everything in between.

We deliver professional commercial cleaning services that you will be completely satisfied with, and we offer a 24/7 operation to maintain your facility’s professional appearance on your time frame. Our highly skilled and reliable janitorial day and night porters offer their expertise to provide the service you except from a janitorial company. With our day and night cleaning we can provide you and you’re building the promise that the professional and excellent service will be met. Our management staff and janitorial staff will work with you to ensure we understand your requirements for specific areas of service.


(408) 998-9004

Janitorial Cleaning

Floors to ceilings, we will provide your facility with the best detail to service for a clean and sanitized facility. Our goal is to ensure all your surfaces, such as tables and desks, flooring, light fixtures, and furnishings will receive efficient disinfecting and sanitizing.

We understand that each business runs on its own schedule, so can provide flexible scheduling for any of your specific need for service.

Day Porter

Day Porters are very well trained to provide basic cleaning and maintenance tasks during the work day. If you require daytime cleaning, our day porter service is the solution. Our well trained porters will work to keep your public workplace areas, offices, conference rooms, mail rooms, reception areas, restrooms clean at all times.

Floor & Carpet Care

Our dedicated and highly trained floor and carpet crews can deliver clean and maintained floors for your piece of mind.

We can provide perform regular sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. We can also provide our service for your hard floors so they stay looking like new with stripping and waxing services periodically. Hard floors and any carpet or floor service can always be scheduled at night so that upon your returning to work in the morning, they look fresh and clean.

Window Cleaning

Our highly trained Interior and exterior window professionals can  help keep the visual appearance of your building looking outstanding, clean, and new.

Kitchen and Break Room Cleaning

High traffic kitchen and break room areas can become dirty and messy quickly, but with our experienced janitorial staff, we can get them cleaned very quickly, even multiple times a day, if requested. We will leave the surfaces wiped down, disinfected and sanitized and the floors swept and mopped.

Restroom Cleaning

Private bathrooms to public restrooms, Platinum Facility Services will provide sanitized and disinfected restrooms. We are available to clean restrooms in offices, schools, medical facility, and hospitals. Platinum Facility Services, takes pride in knowing that you will receive specialized attention to keep these areas clean and fresh. Our restroom cleaning services include the toilets, counters, sinks, mirrors, and floors to help maintain a safe, healthy environment for your employees and guests.

Pressure Washing

Platinum Facility Services can provide pressure washing services for all of your exterior building needs. We understand that commercial building and Hospitals need attention to the exterior of your building. We are available to quote you with service to pressure wash the outside of buildings, walkways, tunnels, and parking structures.

Request a quote for our professional commercial cleaning services or call our 24-hour hotline for emergency services.